I’m a huge concepts fan and am writing this comment on the new iPad Pro 10.5” with iOS 11. Some thoughts:

One of my biggest difficulties with concepts is navigating around all my drawings. I use it a lot for brainstorming screenshots and Marketing concepts, in addition to drawing, and find it difficult to quickly see and find the file/drawing I’m looking for. I’d love for the drawings and project structure to be mirrored in Files so i can also organize them in a hierarchical view and rename them easily (right now most of my drawings are untitled) . The projects can be parallel to the folders which is how I would want to think of it anyway.

As for drag and drop, the first and foremost would be to drag images from safari and photos. I already tried to do this on the off chance it would work, and I was already giddy with excitement for when it will be supported. Would be great for lots of use cases. Beyond dragging and dropping images, maybe also pdf files from other apps or Files app would be nice.

As a recommendation that is counter to my own interests, you should look at subscription pricing of some sort. I’d love to pay you guys more and make sure you’re updating the app frequently in the future!

Keep up the good work!

Bonus -not related to new iOS or iPad, but I’d love a greater depth of pressure sensitivity for the pencil, specifically darker lines with very light pressure. I use it a lot very lightly for initial sketches, and the light pressure is just too light to get anything down that is helpful. Procreate and others do pencils better.

3x Entrepreneur. Founder/CEO at Blissfully.com. Previously Founder/CEO at Boundless and YouCastr. NYC, by way of Boston, Frankfurt, Chicago, Hanover, Miami.

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